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Click on the links below to read my latest articles on perfumes. The articles include the history of perfumes, to the latest trends for perfumes and how perfumes affect your everyday life.  ….


PerfumesThe Real Deal – The Power of Top Designers Perfumes

Perfumes and Leading Fashion Designers now come hand in hand – A review on the collaboration of the two fields that are so diverse but their union is so successful. Read More ….. 


PerfumesMan Wood – New Mens Colognes and Fragrances 2011

Scents for men have taken the smell of wood in 2011 – A review whether the trend of wood is a return to nostalgia or a bid for the opening global market. Read More ….



Star Scent – Best Celebrity PerfumesPerfumes

The escalating trend of actors and artists endorsing their own perfumes are not a new phenomenon. Celebrity perfumes have been in existence for decades.  It is definitely not a whim but perhaps a whiff of what they stand to make monetarily by putting their names on fragrance bottles. Read More ….



Elizabeth Taylor – One Woman’s Passion

Elizabeth Taylor was one of the worlds greatest actresses. Her beauty, glamor, and volcanic life was in the public eye since childhood. At the time of her death she was reported to have been worth up to 1 billion dollars. But most of her fortune was not due to her acting or the countless great movies she had made, but actually her perfumes. In 2010, Taylor had sold over 138 million dollars worth of perfumes. Her production of perfumes is a legacy to Elizabeth Taylor’s astute business savvy.  Read More ….


Perfumes ….

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