Fragrances and Beauty

beauty fragrance    For over 30 years I have been in the beauty, body, fragrance and fashion industry. In my career I have traveled the world expanding my knowledge in various areas but I always come back to fragrances and beauty.

‘A passion is not something you choose … I think it chooses you and it won’t let you go.’

Throughout my career I have sold and bought fragrances whether as final or raw products to put into my own collections. I co-started a body care collection and then became a fashion editor over 14 years ago, one of my specialties is bridal which I was introduced to over 12 years ago.

beauty fragrance  beauty fragrance

During my time as a fashion editor I have done countless photo shoots and trend pages that I have instigated to include the latest releases in fragrances and beauty. I have been fortunate to work with some of the worlds top fashion photographers, best make up artists and leading fashion and beauty houses of the world.

beauty fragrance   beauty fragrance

My personal belief is that no matter what situation you are in, sometimes we just need to pamper ourselves, we deserve it and that is when ..

‘the luxuries become the essentials’ …

To continue my journey with my passion I decided to start ‘Fragrances and Beauty’. It enables me to share my love and knowledge for fragrances, make up and beauty with you.

I hope that you enjoy looking through ‘Fragrances and Beauty’ just as much as I enjoy collating it for you ….


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