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Fragrances and Beauty

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 Chanel Make up

Chanel believed that the lips were the most important element of seduction that a woman possessed. In 1921, Chanel produced her first lipstick, a simple stick of color protected by wax paper. The lipstick was produced in a deep seductive red color which has become synonymous to Chanel make up. Chanel make up still inspires the world with its color palette and exquisitely produced high quality products. Read More ….



Burberry Beauty features its iconic warm colors including Gabardine, trench, smoky, greyed-off, dusty hues. The range has been produced to heighten natural glow and transcend from day to night. The packaging is inspired by the signature lines of the Burberry check and architectural columns. It is a collection that shares the same quality and careful fashion direction that its runway collections hold. Read More …


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Two Faced Cosmetics

Too Faced Cosmetics was founded by Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson. It is a cosmetic Mecca for Hollywood glamor and was built on a dream and desire to create a unique artistic brand of cosmetics, that was foolproof for the everyday woman. Too Faced Cosmetics innovations have revolutionized makeup by introducing to the industry products such as ‘Lip Injection’, the original lip plumper, ‘Lash Injection’ and ‘Pinpoint’, cutting edge tubing mascaras and ‘Ooh & Ash’, the first glitter eyeshadow. Read More …


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Benefit Cosmetics

In 1976, twins Jane and Jean Ford created a unique San Francisco beauty boutique which grew famous for delivering quick fixes for beauty dilemmas. Benefit Cosmetics is legendary for its quirky product names that are deadly serious. Benefit Cosmetics beauty products like benetint, dandelion and BADgal lash are beauty must haves for everyday gals and bright light celebrities. Read More …




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When purchasing make up it is always good to have as much knowledge as you can. It also great to know which make up is the latest to hit the market and to have a sneak peak at the campaign.  If you wish to learn more about make up or a fragrance, whether its a woman’s or a man’s, please search for it through our menu.

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