Stella McCartney Print Collection

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Stella McCartney Print CollectionStella McCartney Print CollectionStella McCartney Print CollectionStella McCartney Print Collection

 ‘Spring is my favourite time of year, everything is alive again and growing and I feel like the botanical prints really reflect that.’

Stella McCartney Print Collection

Robert John Thornton probably didn’t think that when his was hand painting his etchings of botanical plants for his book the Temple of Flora 200 years ago, that they would be adorning the bodies of some of the most beautiful women in the world. Well they did, thanks to Stella McCartney’s Resort Collection 2011 and the Stella McCartney Print Collection.

Stella splashed the botanical prints over her fabric creations and has now decided to splash them all over a limited edition of three perfumes in 30ml/ 1oz bottles. The sophisticated and feminine fragrance combines the freshness delicacy of the rose with the dark sensuality of amber. The Stella McCartney Print Collection is just stunning in it’s octagonal bottle. It is wonderful to see reflections of traditional English Fragrance Purveyors packaging combined with botanical prints that have a Flemish flair utilized in the exquisite Stella McCartney Print Collection.

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Stella McCartney Stella It-Dress Collection 1 oz Eau de Parfum SprayStella McCartney Print Collection

Launch: 2011

Notes: Rose, Peony Flower, Mandarin, Rose Absolute, Amber.

Style: Feminine. Sensual.

When purchasing a fragrance, whether it’s Stella McCartney Print Collection or another designer perfume release, it is always good to know what notes they contain and to have a sneak peak at the fragrance campaign. Read More …

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